Web Hosting

At 181 Digital we offer high quality, managed web hosting at an affordable price, to our clients and our clients alone.

Why This is Great

Because we only allow sites that we have developed onto our server, and carefully monitor resource usage, we can ensure extremely high quality hosting with maximum reliability and minimum service interruptions. Once a server reaches capacity we commission another machine to ensure quality and performance is not compromised.

Our motivation is satisfied clients and higher quality websites, unlike shared hosting solutions that try to cram hundreds of sites onto a single machine to maximise profit.

We do this by maintaining our own high-specification cloud servers hosted on Rackspace's award winning cloud computing infrastructure. This approach allows us to combine the configurability of dedicated server hosting with the scalability, reliability and power of cloud hosting.

The Techy Stuff

One benefit is that we can utilise full IIS, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server features and functionality - which are restricted in medium-trust shared hosting and even conventional cloud hosting environments - without the expense of a standalone dedicated server for each client.

Another benefit is that the built-in redundancy and scalability of cloud infrastructure allows us to easily handle traffic peaks - for example after a large email newsletter mailshot. Additionally, clients are protected from hardware failures and obsolescence as parts of the cloud physical infrastructure can be replaced or upgraded without service interruptions.

For security we maintain full onsite nightly server image backups for fast disaster recovery, as well as additional offsite backups for piece of mind. Rackspace provides 100% network uptime guarantees, UK datacenters with multiple redundant high speed internet links, plus true 24/7 support with trained technicians available at all times.