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Creative and Technical Wizardry

At 181 Digital, we believe passionately that a website is every company's primary sales and marketing tool, and with over 18 years in the business, we know what we’re talking about.

As Fisher Simons Web Design we created and managed a large range of successful websites for a very diverse range of clients, both large and small. And as we turn 18 it's time to have a new name and a new look. But don’t worry, the same team is still working its magic.

181 Digital will continue to provide the creative vision, strategic business planning and results-driven initiatives which are key to achieving all your company's objectives. We provide all of this primarily in-house, but we also have a network of strategic partners - brand creators, writers, graphic designers, film makers, photographers, and technical wizards - who all work together to give you a website that achieves what you want, and what your business deserves.

And as 181 Digital, we still pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients, so we can continue to grow alongside you and your business.

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Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher

Sarah has more than 30 years of sales, marketing and business experience. In 2002 she left the security of a real job and retrained in the technical and creative skills required to design and build the (then) relatively new website thingies.

Since then it's all gone pretty well. Sarah believes in close collaboration with clients to create bespoke solutions that perform brilliantly and fully achieve all objectives. She also loves open communication, straight talking, and the great relationships she forms with her clients.

In her spare time, Sarah has variously experimented with scuba diving, tennis, tap dancing and judo. Sadly however, she has only reached a decent level of proficiency in dog walking and eating cake!

Max Scianna

Max Scianna

A web programmer since 1999, Max brings more than 2 decades of technical and ecommerce experience to 181 Digital, having built and launched dozens of bespoke websites from small content management systems, to complex multi-user, multi-role crm systems, to ecommerce sites handling £15 million in sales annually.

Max emphatically believes one size does not fit all and tailors sites and systems to fit the needs of the client rather than them adapting their business to fit the limitations of the software. The trick, of course, is to do so without costing the earth and through experience and intelligent use of tooling and components Max has been able to do this often enough to have maintained multiple decade plus working relationships with clients.

In his spare time Max enjoys being run ragged by his three year old daughter and is looking forward to being destroyed by her newly arrived baby brother in due course!

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