Brochure Websites

A brochure website is exactly what it says; an online version of what you would traditionally hand out to your clients to promote your business.

Your Shop Window

Brochure websites are a great way to let your customers know more about your business.

Importantly, a brochure website can be significantly more cost efficient than a printed brochure due to the nature of the medium, i.e. if information on a printed brochure becomes outdated or obsolete, the whole brochure is redundant. Conversely, your website will be easy to update and amend at a fraction of the cost of a reprint.

We will discuss your business and objectives with you and provide suggestions and guidance. All our websites are bespoke, we don't use other people's templates or pre-defined solutions, and we will design and build a unique website which complements your existing brand and collateral. And if your business is new, we can also create the whole brand identity for you, including logo design, business cards and letter heads.

Planning your brochure website

All websites should have a clear purpose, and no matter whether you have a simple brochure with a few pages or a larger more complex site, you need to give your clients an effective and engaging experience. During preparation you should plan the following carefully:

  • Provide a purpose – let visitors know immediately what your business is all about and make clear what they will gain from using your site
  • Know what you want from your visitors – e.g. to subscribe to a newsletter, to contact you directly or to view your portfolio
  • Know what your visitors will want. Look at it from your audience perspective – what is it that they will want to see?
  • Know your unique selling points and features and benefits, and make sure you include these in your content